Modernization is a wise step to rejuvenating lift or elevator without denagn costly. this solution in the sense most appropriate to support the operations of a building that has been inhabited / high mobility, in addition to precision in analyzing a problem, which makes the speed of time is also a benchmark in modernization.

Things that need to be noticed in the decision to modernize is: - Age lifts or elevators are more than 10 years - Products that are installed are not suitable safety standards and regulations. - Lifts or elevators often problematic - Performance has begun to decline. - Technology older models - High power consumption - Sparepart expensive and hard to be able to

wise way in the search for modernization service provider or supplyer - A clear legal status and domicile - Have the certified experts - Have enough team and working tools - Have the availability of spare parts as needed - Experience in the field

Aspects of the above should be noticed in modernizing lifts or elevators including selecting candidates a reliable and competent providers.